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The Innkeeper Abroad: Mexico City

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This year James took me to Mexico City for my birthday!  Hard to believe but in 27 years of living and traveling overseas I had never been to Mexico so I was excited to go.  It was a short trip, just two nights, but a wonderful birthday present. And it presented us with a number… Read more »

Creators of our Asheville Bed & Breakfast

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The other day, James came home and told me he had been to the second oldest shop in Asheville.  The Saniway Vacuum Cleaning Company is 54 years old.  (The only shop that’s older is Tops for Shoes).  This got me to thinking about all of the people in Asheville and how much I loved meeting… Read more »

Food Photography at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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“What’s that mess?” I can hear you saying.  That mess is what happens when you have a food photographer in your kitchen!  We are updating our website at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast and we want pictures which better reflect the type of food we serve at our Asheville inn. When we first bought our… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions: Looking Forward to 2015 in Asheville

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As Innkeepers we often get so caught up in the business of hosting our guests at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast that needed jobs and tasks get shoved aside.  So every year, when the holidays finish and the winter slow period sets in for good, we have a chance to assess the physical state of… Read more »

The Next Food Network Star Comes from Asheville?

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This past week I was honored to act as spokesperson for the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association promoting our Holiday Shopping Package on both the local Asheville ABC affiliate and Fox Carolina Morning in Charlotte.  The hook was that I was invited onto the programs to demonstrate some holiday cooking tips and recipes.  So I… Read more »

Holiday Shopping in Asheville: The “Inn-Sider’s” Shopping Pass

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One of the things James and I love the most about Asheville is the wide variety of independent shops, bookstores and art galleries which make up most of our downtown areas.  This holiday season the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, along with the 16 other inns of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association, have joined forces… Read more »