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Repairing Antique Clocks from the Carolina Bed and Breakfast

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I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but one of the great pleasures of being an innkeeper at our Bed and Breakfast in Asheville North Carolina comes from our encounters with some of the truly interesting and unique craftsmen and artists in the area.  North Carolina has long had a tradition of encouraging artists of… Read more »

Tami Noyes, Vegan Cookbook Author, comes to the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, and a recipe for Apple Dumplings!

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I still remember the first Bed & Breakfast I ever stayed in.  James and I had just arrived in London on a post-university backpacking trip around Europe.  Hoarding money was essential as we could only stay until our funds ran out, so we found ourselves in a small English townhouse, not far from the train… Read more »

An Innkeeper’s Conference

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  This past week, James and I drove down out of the Blue Ridge Mountains, away from our lovely Asheville Bed and Breakfast, to Williamsburg, VA for the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference.  We had talked about attending one of the many innkeeper conferences before but had always been too busy with guests and/or renovations to take… Read more »

My Blog Gets a Name: The Kitchen Garden

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As I write this I am able to look out my window at the kitchen garden of the Carolina Bed & Breakfast.  It is a typical March day here in Asheville:  after raining all night, the temperature plummeted around 11AM and the rain changed to snow.  It’s 3 PM now, the snow is gone and… Read more »

Tested in the Kitchen

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>Sooner or later it had to happen:  a room full of diners and a disaster in the kitchen.   No matter how well prepared you think you are when you finally come face to face with that moment it is a test!  James and I bought the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Asheville North Carolina in… Read more »

Grape Harvest in Asheville, NC!

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>One of the special memories of my childhood summers in North Carolina is of the Muscadine grapes which grow throughout North and South Carolina but are not much known in the rest of the country. These hardy grapes have a thick skin and many seeds but their uniquely sweet and sour flavor makes them worth… Read more »