Year: 2009

>First Snow in Asheville, NC

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>The stores are calling me for Christmas shopping but I had to share this with you first: the Carolina Bed & Breakfast wearing her new roof, a fresh coat of paint and a pre-Christmas blanket of snow!

>Christmas Cookies

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>I love to bake. And when you love to bake, Christmas is an open-ended opportunity! Who doesn’t love a gift of Christmas cookies? At the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, we make sure our guests are well-fed and one way of doing this is putting out freshly baked cookies every night for the guests to enjoy…

>Things to do in Asheville, NC: Innkeeper Jeopardy

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>When I started at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina I thought my biggest challenge was going to be getting up, being dressed and ready and serving breakfast pleasantly to guests at an early hour. (I am not a morning person, per se). Well I was wrong. The hardest thing about innkeeping…

>Foodie Tour of Asheville

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>James says that I have to stop writing about restaurants but really the food in Asheville is so amazing that it is hard not to write about it. Before I do as was suggested and give you a break from restaurant reviews and other culinary highlights, I have to tell you about a wonderful new…

>Christmas in Asheville

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>Here in Asheville, we take Christmas seriously!Maybe it’s the presence of the Biltmore with its 100 Christmas trees, 150,000 lights, 10,000 feet of fresh garlands and more than 25,000 ornaments; maybe it’s the fireworks which “sizzle” every Friday night (the restaurants have special deals to get you out in time to watch); maybe it’s the…

>A Thanksgiving Story

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>This is not a story about being thankful (although I have much to be thankful for).In fact, it doesn’t really have much to do with Thanksgiving but I wanted to share a smile and a laugh with you on this holiday. I think I told you about the fabulous fudge store, Nutz About Fudge, in…

>Asheville Restaurant Reviews: Part 2

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>My mother-in-law and her daughter recently drove down from Wisconsin to visit us and see the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. It’s a long drive and they were pretty tired when they got here. As we were in the middle of the “Great Move In” (see previous post) and were pretty tired ourselves, we decided to…