>October is for Baseball

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>I’m not going to lie to you, I am not currently in Asheville. Yes, the leaves are beautiful there just now. The sun shining on the trees makes them glow red and yellow. And yes, the nights are touched with a chill and a glass of wine by the fireside at our inn, the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, is a lovely way to end an autumn day. But four generations of New York Yankees lovers has me in New York City with tickets to game two of the world series! Yankees Baseball has been a part of my life and my children’s lives for as far back as I can remember and we will miss being here going forward.

But as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens and James and I are looking forward to next summer and watching our new home team, the Asheville Tourists, play. The Tourists are a single A minor league team affiliated with the Colorado Rockies with a long and lustrous history. Their first year of play in 1915 they captured the League Championship. This year they ended in second place with an 85-56 record. It was to the Asheville Tourists that the character, Crash Davis (played by Kevin Kostner), was traded at the end of the movie
Bull Durham; and in Asheville that Davis broke the minor league record for home runs. The team is currently managed by Joe Mikulik who gained notoriety in 2006 with a major league tantrum on being thrown out of the game which was shown on newscasts throughout the nation.
Anyone who has ever watched any minor league play knows that the players are in it to win and to stand out. They put their hearts into every game never knowing when they might get called to the next level. It makes for exciting play and we will be happy to help you get tickets to a game if you would like when you come to visit us!

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