>Where the Wild Things Are!

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>Western North Carolina, and Asheville in particular, remains an area full of wildlife. Most recently the bears have been coming down out of the mountains and as far into town as the Visitors Center. The bears are not really interested in people but do sometimes harm other animals. A Llama at a local sheep farm was injured last week protecting his flock, according to the Asheville Citizen Times. Apparently llamas are very protective and make great guard animals and this one was not happy with a bear in his territory. For the most part however, the bears are interested in grapes and berries. As are the squirrels! We have a lovely grape arbor off the back porch and I have been sweeping up fallen grapes every morning for the past month. Actually, I have been sweeping up grape skins as our squirrels seem to favor the Roman method of peeling their grapes before they eat them. It’s hard to believe sometimes that we are just a half a mile from the center of Asheville when I look around at the shaded streets, green lawns and forested areas. We even have a little screech owl who seems to have made his home in our garage. Of course, when I went out there this morning to take a picture he was absent but I have witnesses, really!


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