Why I love Farmers Markets!

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October in Asheville means beautiful foliage and lots of visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains. Knowing we were going to have a full house and wanting to provide something special for our guests, I took myself off to the Western North Carolina Farmers Market just outside Asheville. What a treat! Two large inside markets specialize in retail goods: artisan jams, jellies, cheeses, baked goods and other products from around the area. From the Gallery Crafts stall I selected some lovely blueberry and strawberry jam for our table and for the more adventurous guests I picked “Frog Jam”, a combination of figs, raspberries, oranges and ginger to use with cheese and crackers in the afternoon. I could have spent all day wandering about and sampling the goods but I was on a mission to find pumpkins and gourds to decorate the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. Behind the retail markets one finds the real “Farmers Market”. Two large parking lots of produce spread out in all their glory to be purchased wholesale or by the piece. Apples, tomatoes, pumpkins and gourds are at their peak selling season just now. The area glowed red and yellow with an seemingly endless array of all different varieties available. (And I wished I had brought my camera! Next time I will for sure so you can share this wonderful image with me.) I loaded up the car with pumpkins and can’t wait until the week before Halloween when we get to carve them all.

Returning home, I found a transformed garden! In my absence Hunter Stubbs and the wonderful people from B.B.Barns Landscape Company had been hard at work cleaning up our lawn and gardens. But most importantly they removed six trees which had overwhelmed the garden and house. Suddenly the porches were bathed in sunlight and the view out the window was an expanse of grass and garden (or what will be garden!) instead of a dark and shaded place and I can begin to see how beautiful this house will be and how special our acre of land in the historic Monteford District really is. And tomorrow I will go to the local camera store and get a cord for my camera so I can download the before and after pictures for all of you to see.


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    >It all sounds wonderful, Susan! We're looking forward to seeing the B&B transformation, via your blog – and maybe some day sampling that frog jam! ~ Cindy


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