>A Thanksgiving Story

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>This is not a story about being thankful (although I have much to be thankful for).In fact, it doesn’t really have much to do with Thanksgiving but I wanted to share a smile and a laugh with you on this holiday.

I think I told you about the fabulous fudge store, Nutz About Fudge, in the Grove Arcade? They make some of the most amazing fudge I have ever tasted (and my family has a long history of beach vacations in fudge-loving spots). This month they are highlighting Thanksgiving and Autumn flavors. They have a pumpkin pie fudge which is so smooth it just melts on the tongue and it tastes exactly like pumpkin pie! The cranberry nut fudge may be a strange pink color but we forgive it because it is a slightly tangy and less sweet fudge for those who want a break from straight shots of sugar. There is apple pie fudge and pumpkin nut fudge as well as the usual array of fudgy flavors. I thought I would like to take some to my family this Thanksgiving but I had been very busy in the lead-up of leaving for the holiday and had not had time to get to the store before I left.
It was Sunday, just before noon, and I thought I would drive by the Grove Arcade before I left just to see if they were open. The street was completely parked up and it was pouring with rain. I drove around the Arcade but Nutz About Fudge is in the interior and I couldn’t tell if it was open. I managed to find a parking space some distance away but, as I mentioned before, it was raining hard so I thought I would call to check before leaving the warm and dry.
The first time I tried the number I got a recorded message saying the number was no longer in use. Now I know the store is there, I was just in it, so I must have dialed it incorrectly. I tried it again and after a number of rings a man answered. He didn’t identify himself or the store so just to be sure I had the right number, I said:
“Are you Nutz About Fudge?”
A pause, and he answered,
“Well yes Ma’am, but mostly I’m just nuts.”
“Oh good” I said, “Are you there right now?”
“Great! I’ll be right over.”
It wasn’t until I got to the still closed and locked store that I realized I had just made a prank phone call and somewhere in Asheville was a puzzled man wondering who had just called him!

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