Year: 2009

>Restaurant Reviews–Asheville NC, part I

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>I may have mentioned this before but we are closed next week so that we can get a new roof put on and move in some of our furniture and artwork from overseas. This means a lot of mess and chaos at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast but it also means James is here and…

>Shopping in Asheville,NC

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>I am officially in trouble. The autumn rush has slowed down and I found myself with some free time this afternoon. My oldest daughter’s birthday is over Thanksgiving weekend so I thought to myself it would be a good time to check out some of the unique stores and boutiques here in Asheville. It was…

>More to do in Asheville, NC

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>October is over and along with the disappearing leaves, the tourists have fallen off as well. It’s a shame really as winter in Asheville offers quite a bit to do. But I am not complaining as it means that I will now have time to go to some of the wonderful restaurants here and see…

>This Old House!

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>The Carolina Bed & Breakfast was built in 1901 which makes it pretty old on an American scale (I have French friend who felt cheated by American “Historic” districts. I think she expected log cabins or something. But that’s another story all together.) Anyway it’s an old house and as one might expect it has…

>October is for Baseball

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>I’m not going to lie to you, I am not currently in Asheville. Yes, the leaves are beautiful there just now. The sun shining on the trees makes them glow red and yellow. And yes, the nights are touched with a chill and a glass of wine by the fireside at our inn, the Carolina…

>Wine Tours at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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>Here at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast we serve Biltmore Wines, made in Asheville. You may not realize it but North Carolina has its own wine country right here in Western North Carolina: the Yadkin Valley. Kimberlee Young of Travels In Wine Tours is a certified sommelier with experience in guiding people through vineyards in…

>Where the Wild Things Are!

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>Western North Carolina, and Asheville in particular, remains an area full of wildlife. Most recently the bears have been coming down out of the mountains and as far into town as the Visitors Center. The bears are not really interested in people but do sometimes harm other animals. A Llama at a local sheep farm…

Why I love Farmers Markets!

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October in Asheville means beautiful foliage and lots of visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains. Knowing we were going to have a full house and wanting to provide something special for our guests, I took myself off to the Western North Carolina Farmers Market just outside Asheville. What a treat!… Read more »