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I have often thought that January is the Monday of the year. After the long holiday weekend of November and December, one has to get back into the swing of working while slogging through the winter weather. Well, yesterday Sara (our assistant innkeeper) and I decided to lighten up our month by experimenting with a few new recipes for breakfast.
We had been discussing how difficult it is to offer a “three course” gourmet breakfast without overwhelming our guests with food when I remembered a dish I had tried in Chicago: Frushi, or Fruit Sushi. For those of you familiar with Thai cuisine, it’s a type of coconut sticky rice topped with fresh fruit and presented in sushi form.
We tried two variations, one in a roll form and one in a traditional oval. It’s really lovely, very fresh with a strong taste of fruit sweetened by the rice. We will be trying it out on our guests in the next few weeks and I think it will be a hit.
Then we moved on to a more traditional offering: Fruit Medley Bread Pudding. Bread pudding is usually served as a dessert, topped with custard. It has all of the ingredients used in french toast so we were didn’t see why it couldn’t work as a breakfast dish. We added a lot of fresh berries to the mix: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and some peaches and then topped it with some more before serving it. The recipe called for a lemon sauce which was nice but a little too sweet and sugary for breakfast. ( I know that seems odd when one considers that maple syrup is integral part of french toast, but to my way of thinking real maple syrup is a relatively light tasting sweetener.) Anyway, we are going to experiment with some other sauces, perhaps something yogurt-based.
I think this is one of my favorite parts about owning the Carolina Bed & Breakfast: I love to cook and experiment with new dishes and now I have people to cook for!

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