>The Living Rooms are Transformed

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After Valentine’s Day Weekend, work started in earnest on the kitchen at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. Our contractor, Caine, called it “the kitchen demo”; not, as it sounds, a demonstration but a demolition! The walls would come down at last. Since we were going to have to close anyway and since the mess would cover the house and everything would have to be thoroughly cleaned afterward, we decided to go ahead and start the redecoration of the living room at the same time. The crown molding needed replacing, and repair was needed on the window frames and what was a little more dust in the grand scheme of things? I am so glad we decided to go ahead.

The original walls were a dark mustard yellow and we thought the room needed brightening. I knew what color I wanted but finding the exact shade and tone took some experimenting. We tried about six different blues in patches on the walls, and finally it took a leap of faith that the size of the room and the light it gets would transform the blue from something dark to the jewel tone I was going for. It would seem that I learned something from all the different homes and countries I have lived in.

We are still waiting on the curtains, and the couches (not shown) in one of the living rooms will have to be recovered, but I was so happy with the outcome, I couldn’t wait to show you!

Spring is fast approaching in Asheville, NC. I found some snowdrops blooming in our garden yesterday and it seems like such a happy way to begin the new season, with a bright and fresh new room.


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