>Blue Mountain Stained Glass at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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>The renovations are moving along quickly at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast and we have reached that wonderful part where, instead of taking things out, we are starting to put things in. This morning I made a visit to the workshop of Blue Mountain Stained Glass, where Pam McCorkhill, the owner/artist, is working on a stained glass design to go on the swinging door between our kitchen and the guest pantry. She wanted me to give my okay to the design she has created. It is definitely okay with me!

Here she is in her workroom with our window. And below is a close-up of the details. The original door has been removed from the frame and the paint is being stripped off, taking it back to the lovely golden heart pine of the original finish. This window will be inserted where the upper panels were. While the yellow of the glass doesn’t show its true colors in this shot, I know it will look beautiful against the wood finish.

Meanwhile, Christopher Randall of Randall Carpentry spent Monday installing the cabinets which he made for us in his workshop. One thing Asheville has a lot of is artisans, and I love the detailing of the work he did for us. The sage green of the cabinets will be lightened by the granite countertops which are gray and white with flecks of blue throughout them.
And, yes, the island is just as big as it looks. Those of you who have seen my other house, know how much I love to have lots of space to work on, often making cookies,breads and salad all at the same time! Looking at this, I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and start cooking!


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