>Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Asheville NC (Part one)

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>Recently we were fortunate enough to be invited out to Hickory Nut Gap Farm just outside of Asheville. The farm is a fifth generation farm, owned and operated by the family of our friend Dumont. The original house was built in 1834 and was operated as Sherrill’s Inn, a stopover for the stage coach and drovers coming through the gap. Dumont has a home overlooking the farm and he was kind enough to take us on a hike up to the original farmhouse (still lived in by his sister and her family). Here we are setting off across the stream.

The farm is well-known through the area for its excellent meat and farm products. I can vouch for the fact that the animals are free-range: Dumont was shooing the cows off his front yard when we arrived. The pigs were some of the happiest I have ever seen!
You can buy produce from the farm at the store on site or at the North Asheville Tailgate Market as well as the Asheville City Market. President and Mrs. Obama were served Hickory Nut Gap Farm bacon at the Grove Park Inn just last weekend. We hope to be serving it at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast too!

Sarah wanted to catch a chicken but found it was harder than she thought.

So Dumont showed her how. It doesn’t hurt the chicken although its feathers were ruffled.

Some of the products for sale in the farm store.


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