>Renovations at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast: The Main House

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>Some of these pictures you will have seen before but here they are in a finished version. The Dining Room curtains and shutters are in (courtesy of Lifestyle Interiors), so no more sun in the face for our morning diners! I am very pleased with the valances, the yellow is so bright and pretty and the windows are large enough that they can handle the double treatment of valance and shutter. Hidden up under the valance is a smoky blue shade which can be drawn down if needed.

You have already seen this picture elsewhere but just to remind you, the parlors are being redone as well. The couches have been taken away to be recovered and James is on his way from New York right now with an elegant gray oriental carpet to go with them. It was actually one of the first carpets we bought when we lived in Hong Kong and is still one of my favorites. Sheers have also been ordered for this room to give us some privacy without sacrificing the view.
And here is the Goldfinch Room. No longer so “gold”, the walls have been repainted a daffodil yellow and accents of forest green have been added. The other day I walked by and did a double-take. It’s a lovely, large gracious room and now worthy of its fabulous bathroom (two person jacuzzi, walk-in shower!)
At the same time, we removed the large gas stoves which had been placed on the hearth in front of the fireplace in four of the rooms and went back to the original fireplace. You can now see the flames flickering as the room glows in the firelight and the extra space is a big bonus. Many thanks go to Cedric Porter at The Firehouse Casual Living Store for his help and patience as we figured out a way to “make it work” (old houses have their challenges).
This project will never actually be finished but James and I are really proud of how the house looks and feels now. We are happy to show our guests around and feel that the Carolina Bed & Breakfast is achieving the atmosphere of elegance and comfort that we hope our guests will appreciate.

I will be posting pictures of the office and kitchen later today (I hope). But for now, it’s on to the garden!


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