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>My daughter, Sarah, first visited Asheville about seven years ago with her boyfriend. They had a marvelous time here and were one of the reasons we came back for another look and settled on this town and the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. While they were here he bought her a necklace made of goldstone and silver which she loved and wore almost every day. But things changed over time and they went their separate ways. Sarah found herself unable to wear the necklace because of the sad memories it gave her and ultimately left it on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in an attempt to put the past behind her. But she never forgot the design of the necklace and missed it, if not the boyfriend. Recently she came to visit us in Asheville and at lunch time we found ourselves at Carmel’s Restaurant in the Grove Arcade. On the sidewalk outside the cafe there are a series of booths which artists and craftsmen use to sell their wares.

Sarah was so excited to find David Achenbaugh of BlueRidgeGems was still there selling his jewelry. While he didn’t have the exact necklace, she was able to find a goldstone in a setting which she likes and feels complete once more!Here she is looking happy and showing off the necklace which she put on right away. And David was amazed to find out that his necklace had traveled all the way up the mountain in Tanzania to its final resting point.

We celebrated with this outstanding brie and sundried tomato pizza. It’s kind of an Asheville story!


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  1. Cynthia on

    >First of all – Yum Yum on the pizza. And what a nice story. I think the new necklace will finally put the memories to rest. Sarah now has new and better! By the way she looks great.


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