>The New Kitchen, At Last!

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I kept putting off posting these pictures, waiting for “one more thing” to be finished but then I realized it could be next year sometime before everything was perfect so here it is, The Carolina Bed & Breakfast “Almost Finished”.

This is the new refrigerator. We have to have a commercial fridge and they are generally pretty noisy so we built an enclosure for it which helps keep the roar down, with the advantage that we can now have a conversation in the kitchen without having to yell. I actually like the glass doors, it means I can find what I am looking for before I open the door and makes checking for a grocery list much easier.
Yup, two dishwashers! Such a luxury, except I have to train myself to remember that I have a second one!
And here is my beautiful stove/oven. The metal plate in the center of the stove-top lifts out and there is a griddle plate under it. And the hood (courtesy of James–King of Hoods!) is quiet and very powerful. I swear it could lift a piece of paper off the stove-top! Cooking on this is a breeze and I am already having fun experimenting with new recipes as well as refreshing some old ones.
On the other side of the kitchen is the office which now opens through to the kitchen, making one room. In this picture you can just see the refrigerator off to the right. The brick column on the left is the back of the stove. Of course this now means I have to keep my desk a little tidy.
And this is the door through to the guest pantry. We will be finishing the door to match the heart pine floors but want to get a little more of the paint off it before we do. The door is original to the house and it had four layers of latex paint and three of oil-based paint on top of the original finish. Just a bit more sanding to go until we are ready to finish it.

So there you have it. The project came in almost on time, just a little over a week late. We still have to finish the fireplace in the office but that is more my fault than the contractor’s. I didn’t make the decisions on the mantel and hearth until late in the game and we have to wait for them to be ready.

It’s all finished in the nick of time as Asheville is coming to life after a very rough winter. I read that the ski slopes still had snow and were still open this weekend, a new record for them! Apparently at one point they had a base of 125″! But Spring is here at last: The Biltmore has opened the “Festival of Flowers”, the Asheville Tourists have their opening game this weekend and the weather is beautiful. Come on by and see us!


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  1. khwaugh on

    >I love all of the new appliances in your kitchen…and ESPECIALLY love all the care you've taken to restore the original door to the pantry. This certainly lets us know to what ends you will go to lovingly take care of the inn & all of your guests. Best of luck in your venture. Sounds like such fun!


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