>This Past Saturday in Asheville, North Carolina

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>It is almost Memorial Day Weekend, the traditional beginning of summer and it is clear that Asheville really goes to the streets with a vengeance! This past weekend saw multiple tailgate markets, the opening of “Asheville After Dark” (bands playing outside on Friday nights) and, just across the street from the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, we had our own Montford Street Festival.

There are two things at the heart of this town: food and music. The Montford Street Festival had plenty of both. James, Emily and I strolled down to the bandstand at the end of the street to enjoy a welcome lunch break in the comfortable chairs listening to everything from bluegrass to contemporary music.

One unexpected sight: Morris Dancers! For those of you who don’t know, Morris Dancers are traditional dancers from Cornwall in England. In the mountains of Western North Carolina, descendants of the early settlers keep the tradition strong. When we lived in England we often saw them performing at festivals on the greens of small British towns but never imagined we would find them here!

Here they are performing a “Garland Dance”.

You may wonder why I included this rather blurry picture. His legs are blurry because they are moving so fast. He is tap-dancing to the guitar by way of providing percussion to the music. It was really rather amazing and he got a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd.

And of course, if it’s in Asheville it must include food! Sue Chef (how could you not love that name) made some of the best seafood crepes I have ever eaten. They were lighter than air and the filling was so good. I think James and Emily tried the spring rolls while I went back to the house to check in a guest.

And you have to have some fried green tomatoes in the summer. These were served with a Cajun fish gumbo that packed some real heat but managed to be flavorful too.

What do you think? 4000 calories per funnel cake? Don’t even ask–just enjoy it!

And in true small town tradition, the children decorated their bikes and played with balloons while their parents mingled, danced and ate.

This little street festival is only the beginning of a busy fun-filled summer!


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