>Here comes the Glorious 4th!

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(Guests enjoying an al fresco breakfast on a sunny summer morning
under the grape arbor on the back porch of the Carolina Bed & Breakfast)

When I was a child (yes, that long ago) we started school in September and didn’t finish the year until almost the end of June so I always felt that summer didn’t really begin until the Fourth of July. James had a different experience growing up and for him the Fourth signifies the halfway point to the summer (a more bittersweet celebration in my opinion!). We’ve never been able to come to an agreement on this, probably because the association was ingrained in our childhoods and cannot be untangled from the memories and emotions of the past, so we long ago agreed to disagree on this one. But where-ever you place the Fourth of July in the summer I imagine it holds memories of family and picnics, hot days and fireflies at nightfall and off course parades and fireworks.

Like so many small cities and towns, Asheville will be celebrating in its own special way and I would encourage you to join us! If it is fireworks you are looking for, there will be displays all over Western North Carolina. If you are unable to stay through to the evening of the Fourth we can probably find some early celebrations for you to enjoy. On Friday and Saturday night, over at McCormick Field the Asheville Tourists will be playing the Kanapolis Intimidators (affiliate of the Chicago White Sox). After the intrinsic fireworks of the game there will be a real display. Fans are encouraged to go out and sit on the field to get a really good view. Tickets are limited but there are still a few left. (Click here to book online)

Of course, on the Fourth itself celebrations in Asheville begin at 4 P.M. with music from Asheville’s hottest bands, family activities, lots of local foods for sale and a firework display at 9:30. Again if you have to leave before the fun on the fourth, Saturday night is the opening of “Shindig on the Green“, a celebration of live music which takes place onstage and off as musicians continue to jam even when they aren’t performing.

James and I hope to catch some if not all of the events. Of course we will also be planning some special meals and decorating the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in full on red, white and blue. We have a few rooms left, so come on down!


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