>The Amazing Race Asheville!

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>This weekend, three intrepid teams came to Asheville, NC to participate in the Amazing Race Asheville, organized by the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. For more pictures, see our facebook page.

Shops and businesses throughout Asheville made their facilities available for the race and we would like to thank the following: Shady Grove Flowers, Adorn Hair Salon, Tops Shoe Store, Dry Ridge Builders and the North Asheville Farmers Tailgate Market.

Shown above are the winners of the race, The DanEmals: Emily Murray and Dan Killian. In spite of a time penalty at the end of the race (for having neglected to photograph another team when seen) The DanEmals finished solidly ahead of the other two teams.

“Phua Chu Kang” ,named for a character from a Singaporean sitcom, consisted of old high school friends, Abby Murray and Matt Hammer. Abby and Matt both attended Singapore American School in Singapore–hence the name! Phua Chu Kang made a strong showing but lost the race in the last lap when they realized that the rules called for bringing everything they had made back to the inn and they had to return to the flower shop to get their arrangement. They also skirted close to disqualification as their egg was cracked, but not broken. Since it was still intact, it was allowed.
Team three consisted of work colleagues, James Murray and Paul Wilkie and Paul’s son Max. In spite of a valiant effort, the Dudes were unable to shake their laid-back “dudeness” and came in a belated third. But they stated for the recorded that they felt they played the game the right way, stopping to enjoy the sights of Asheville as they went along.
The three teams made a colorful sight as they raced throughout Asheville using every form of transportation from foot, to Razor Scooter to car to hitch-hiking. It was a tiring day but an adventure worth having on a brilliant sunny June Saturday in Asheville!

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