>Staying Cool in Asheville,North Carolina

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>I’m not going to lie to you, it’s hot here in Asheville. Of course because we are in the mountains it’s probably not as hot here as it is where you are, but it is hot. The compensation is that while the days have been pretty sultry, our nights are generally a very comfortable mid-to low sixties and most of the guests at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast enjoy sleeping with the windows open and the ceiling fans purring. Outside in the garden, I can hear the tree frogs who started up their evening concerts almost on cue with the beginning of July.

Along with the tree frogs, there are a lot of other people making music outside in the parks and the streets. Friday nights see “Downtown After Five” in which locals come together on a closed off corner of Broadway Avenue (not far from here) and enjoy jazz, blues, rock and more. If you don’t feel like moving off the comfortable porch swing at the inn, you can sip a glass of wine and listen from a distance. If you are feeling more energetic, stroll on over to Patton Avenue and join in with the dancers at the Drum Circle.

Saturday evenings in July and August, Pack Square Park comes alive with “Shindig on the Green“. As you can see from the picture above, a healthy crowd comes along, bringing lawn chairs and blankets to sit on, listen to the music, and even get up and join in a square dance or two (they call it “street dancing” here.) It’s about a twenty minute walk from the Carolina to Pack Square Park but you will be rewarded for the effort by the sights and sounds of Asheville at its liveliest. As you can see from the picture at top, musicians set up their stands and play on any open corner they can find!

One of the things James and I get the biggest kick out of is watching the crowds. People of all types and ages come together for the outdoor events of Asheville. It’s a real parade of characters.

And finally, while the fireflies are dying down, the fireworks in Asheville continue. It’s not every night or even every weekend but it is unexpectedly often!


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