Year: 2010

Bele Chere in Asheville, NC

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>This past weekend saw the 31st Bele Chere Festival in Asheville. More importantly it was the first Bele Chere for James and me at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. Bele Chere was envisioned as a means to bring people and business into the downtown area of Asheville. Over the years it has certainly succeeded in… Read more »

Southern Highland Craft Guild: Meet the People

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>This weekend the Southern Highland Craft Guild held its annual crafts fair in Asheville, NC. Even though it was a busy weekend at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, James and I made an extra effort to get there so we could see what all the “fuss” was about. And I am so glad we did…. Read more »

>Staying Cool in Asheville,North Carolina

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>I’m not going to lie to you, it’s hot here in Asheville. Of course because we are in the mountains it’s probably not as hot here as it is where you are, but it is hot. The compensation is that while the days have been pretty sultry, our nights are generally a very comfortable mid-to…

>Here comes the Glorious 4th!

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> (Guests enjoying an al fresco breakfast on a sunny summer morningunder the grape arbor on the back porch of the Carolina Bed & Breakfast) When I was a child (yes, that long ago) we started school in September and didn’t finish the year until almost the end of June so I always felt that…

>The Amazing Race Asheville!

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>This weekend, three intrepid teams came to Asheville, NC to participate in the Amazing Race Asheville, organized by the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. For more pictures, see our facebook page. Shops and businesses throughout Asheville made their facilities available for the race and we would like to thank the following: Shady Grove Flowers, Adorn Hair…

>Tailgate Markets in Asheville, NC

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>One of the many pleasures of living in Asheville is the abundance of fresh, locally grown and produced food. While there is a large, year-round farmers’ wholesale market just outside of town where one can buy produce in quantity, during the summer smaller farms and artisans come together at tailgate markets throughout the week at…

>This Past Saturday in Asheville, North Carolina

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>It is almost Memorial Day Weekend, the traditional beginning of summer and it is clear that Asheville really goes to the streets with a vengeance! This past weekend saw multiple tailgate markets, the opening of “Asheville After Dark” (bands playing outside on Friday nights) and, just across the street from the Carolina Bed & Breakfast,…

>Climbing Chimney Rock

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>It was another lovely day Sunday, and two of our daughters were visiting us, so after the guests left and our chores were finished we took off for a hike up to Chimney Rock. Chimney Rock State Park is about a 30 minute drive from the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, up and down a curving…