Snow Days in Asheville

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>It’s snowing in Asheville, North Carolina. It snowed yesterday and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Guests have left early or put off their travel plans until later in the month. (Check our website for our snow cancellation policy). So what’s an innkeeper to do?

Here’s what’s happening at the Carolina Bed and Breakfast:

1) We are painting the guest bathroom.

2) Next week we will be closed because we are taking out the wall-to-wall carpeting in the Goldfinch and the Robin’s Nest Rooms and having the floors refinished. We want to return them to the same beautiful heart pine which is throughout the rest of the house. James and I have spent some time today ordering new oriental carpets for the rooms. We are also looking for a king-sized bed for the Goldfinch. The room is certainly large enough for one and our guests will enjoy it (we hope!)

3) Yesterday (before the snow really started) we picked out some paint samples for the hall which we also plan to paint in the next week, so we have put some test colors on the walls. We won’t be making any major change to the color, just a cleaner, brighter yellow.

4) Meanwhile, I am enjoying cooking something other than breakfast–onion soup for today–but I am also experimenting with some new dishes for the inn as well. If you can’t go for a run, you might as well eat!

5) Go for a walk and see what everyone else is doing. Then post the pictures on our facebook page for our fans to enjoy.


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