My Blog Gets a Name: The Kitchen Garden

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As I write this I am able to look out my window at the kitchen garden of the Carolina Bed & Breakfast.  It is a typical March day here in Asheville:  after raining all night, the temperature plummeted around 11AM and the rain changed to snow.  It’s 3 PM now, the snow is gone and the sun is struggling to come out through clouds which are being chased by a strong wind.  The daffodils which have started to bloom are looking sadly beleaguered by the weather!

The garden is just beginning to awaken.  The  rosemary bushes seem to have made it through the icy months of December and January.  I unwrapped them from their protective covering last week when the days were so warm and the sunshine so constant.  The oregano, thyme and marjoram are looking scraggly.  I have yet to brush away the leaves covering them.  The parsley is surprisingly green and robust.  There is no sign yet of the mint which is sequestered in a plot of its own off to the side.  In the summer the planters will host strawberries (more for the look than the actual harvest) and I will put my gardenia out to enjoy the heat and humidity.  I was just researching the dill and coriander which I would like to add this year when the snow began.

All of this leads to why I have named this blog “The Kitchen Garden”.   Like a kitchen garden this blog is full of things which can be added to the our lives to make them more interesting, flavorful or colorful.  I have subtitled it “Notes, Recipes and Thoughts from an Innkeeper”.  Like a kitchen garden I hope you will return again and again to find the right ingredient for your visit to Asheville, the right recipe for your next meal or a thought which provokes thought in you.

I know it’s late in the game to be naming my blog.  After all I have been writing it for almost 18 months!  But the thought of giving it a proper name never occurred to me until my friends at the food blog and community Serious Eats suggested it needed one.  And I think they are right.  It is never to late to develop a concept and to formulate a goal.  And as soon as I can figure out how to add the title to the top of my blog page I will be reminded of that concept and goal each time I sit down to write!


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