Comedy in Asheville, NC

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This past Thanksgiving James and I were lucky enough  to have our family with us here and we took advantage of their presence to try some of the more unique attractions in our town.  One of these was the La Zoom Comedy Tour.  This purple bus roams our streets Spring through Christmas and guests at our Bed and Breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina are used to seeing it roll past the Carolina Bed & Breakfast full of loud and happy tour-goers.  We give and get waves and cheers as they pass by.  A number of our guests have taken the tour and have always returned with upbeat reviews.  Even more intriguingly,  I have sometimes passed strangely dressed characters on my evening jogs through the neighborhood, all of whom seem to have something to do with the tour.

Because it was Thanksgiving, the company was running a “Holiday Tour”.  The bus was decked out in red ribbons, garlands and other oddities (which I am not going to tell you about not wanting to spoil all of it!) and our “guide” was a slightly manic man dressed in green.  The tours are given by actors and are a blend of fact and fiction.  One of our daughters commented that it was difficult to tell what was true and what was made up sometimes so she didn’t get as much out of the tour part of the trip as she could have.

Along the way, we rendezvoused with various strange people and animals including this turkey which lurked om the yard of  the house down the street from the Carolina.. ( Not so unexpected really–for those of you who have visited us and walked to town–it is the “Barbie” house!).

While the turkey was odd, I couldn’t help wondering what visitors to our town thought of the giant walking gingerbread man roaming the streets downtown!

The humor was mixed,  there were songs, stories, acrobatics, games and quizzes, and by  the end,even the most stubborn skeptic among us had laughed out loud more than once.

James won a prize (catfood!) in the quiz.
Brick Oven

But the best part (I thought) was when we returned and there in the parking lot next door was what appeared to be a brick oven.  And upon inspection, that is exactly what it was!  The last Tailgate Market of the season was just finishing up and this was an Artisan Bread Maker who baked his bread right there on the spot. It seems that Asheville has a whole group of bread makers.  We even hold an Annual Bread Festival:  “Asheville and its surrounding area, with a very small population, supports more artisan bakeries than most states. The bakeries are all small but truly artisan in the purest sense of the word,”  says Peter Reinhart, well-known author, baker, and teacher at Johnson & Wales University.  The website has not yet been updated but a recent press release states this year’s festival will be March 24, 2012.  Of course, while I was talking to the baker and learning all about his craft, a woman came up and bought the last loaf right out from under my nose! And now I will have to wait until next year. Or go to the festival…hmmmm.

Anyway, back to comedy in Asheville.  The next night James and I took our daughter Emily down to the Magnetic Field for dinner and a show.  I have written about this cafe and performance space before so I won’t bore you with the details except to say that the food was wonderful (as always) and this particular show–a night of improv–was delightful.  The shows change regularly there so it’s worth checking the website.  And while I can’t guarantee they are all good, it’s always interesting!


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