Year: 2011

Antique Cars in Asheville, NC

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 Just adjacent to the Grove Park Inn is the Grovewood Gallery, home of the Homespun Shops of Biltmore Industry  This collection of shops and galleries was built  by George Vanderbuilt and his wife, Edith, in order to provide the youth of Asheville with the opportunity to learn wool making and other mountain crafts and industries. … Read more »

Comedy in Asheville, NC

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This past Thanksgiving James and I were lucky enough  to have our family with us here and we took advantage of their presence to try some of the more unique attractions in our town.  One of these was the La Zoom Comedy Tour.  This purple bus roams our streets Spring through Christmas and guests at… Read more »

Looking Glass Rock: A Pluton Monolith

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The interesting thing about writing this blog is that it make things so interesting! By that I mean it isn’t enough to just throw some pictures up and say,  “This is what we did, isn’t it pretty?”   I feel like I have to make this a little more of a compelling read than that and,… Read more »

Apples and October in Asheville, North Carolina

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> The Kitchen Whiteboard  It’s October in Asheville.  The trees are brilliant with color, the skies are a clear, deep blue and the inns and hotels are fully booked.  Which means that James and I have not had time to leave our Asheville Bed and Breakfast, The Carolina,  to explore anything to share with you. … Read more »