Year: 2011

DIning Outside Asheville: Weaverville, NC

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>  Just outside Asheville, about ten miles from the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, is the small town of Weaverville, home to artists and garden centers.  It is also the home of the Stoney Knob Cafe, a local eatery which has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. On any given evening you will… Read more »

Dining Outside Asheville: Spruce Pine

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> “Downtown” Spruce Pine While many of our guests come to Asheville to dine at some of the many fabulous restaurants which can be found here (over 243 according to TripAdvisor!), there are actually some really excellent restaurants in some of the surrounding towns as well.  Among these is Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine,… Read more »

Shakespeare in the Park in Asheville, NC

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> Tod”s Tasties An Elaborate Picnic One of the things that drew James and me to Asheville originally was the strong arts, theater and music culture of the town.  And now that we have shepherded the Carolina Bed & Breakfast through its first full year we are finally finding time to avail ourselves of some… Read more »

Escape to Black Mountain!

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>Sorry about the title–I couldn’t resist it.  Doesn’t it make you think of a Disney film?  Anyway, it was Memorial Day and James and I had one of those weird windows of time that seem to come out of nowhere so we grabbed our camera and hightailed it over to Black Mountain, NC.  We had… Read more »

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes in Asheville, North Carolina

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>  It’s summer and it’s hot and while we all love chocolate sometimes it’s nice to have something a little more refreshing.  I had been looking for something bright and fresh for our guests to find in their (air-conditioned!) rooms when they come home to the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, when I thought of Pink… Read more »

Asheville History 101: Riverside Cemetery–Fun Facts

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> Mailbox inside the Cemetery:  Who Lives Here? Example of the Park-like features of the Cemetery It seems as if, whenever I get a good idea for a blog, what starts out as a simple project turns into something bigger!  The other day as I was finishing up my research for the piece on the… Read more »

Asheville History–the Montford District

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> 191 Cumberland Avenue: Home of George Murray (c. 1906).  When people call and ask for information about the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, James and I often mention that it is in the Montford Historic District, an area consisting of more than 300 acres with over 600 structures built between 1890-1920. The vast majority of… Read more »