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You may have noticed that we are running an Innkeeper’s Special at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast and been curious as to what we are doing to our inn.  These pictures are not meant to scare you but to pique your curiosity!

Removal of the Back Porch Area

James and I have been living with our bedroom on the third floor of the inn and our living space behind the kitchen for three years now while we were making repairs to the inn and upgrading the guest rooms.  This winter we have finally been able to take steps to create a living space for ourselves.

Taking Down the Back of the Garage

Our first concern was:

“Would we be able to create a space which would not diminish our guests’ experience in anyway?”

We believe that we have done so.

The Refinished Garage Area and the New Terrace Space

After drawing up the plans for the addition, we submitted them to the Asheville Historic Resources Commission.   The Montford Neighborhood in which the Carolina Bed & Breakfast is located is unique in its concentration of homes built between 1890-1910. On Cumberland Avenue alone there are more than 60 such houses.  The Historic Resources Commission was  created to ensure that the integrity of the neighborhood as an historical area remains intact.  Working with them, we were able to come up with an addition to the main house which is not visible from the road, is compatible with the original structure and maintains the historic atmosphere of the house.

Framing the Living Room and Family Guest Room

While we are very happy with the plans for the house, it was clear that some changes would also have to be made in the landscaping:  the approach path from the parking lot would need to be altered, the herb garden would need to be moved and the back porch area would need replacing with another outdoor area for our guests.

Through our contractor, Caine MacDonald of Dry Ridge Builders, we met Jay Marino, our landscaper.  Jay saw the beautiful English Garden which we had here at the Carolina and is helping to save as much as possible and to restore and recreate the damaged areas.

One of the first things he did was to move the lovely little Japanese Maple, which was in the backyard, to a new home next to the fishpond.  We also took off the back of the garage and will be creating a small terraced area there where guest can enjoy the gardens.  This area will be directly accessible from the cottage and the view from the front of the cottage has been opened up and expanded.

Jay is quickly finding out that I love flowers and I am insisting that flowering plants be our first priority!

Framing our New Bedroom


Sadly, the redirecting of the path from the parking lot means that the herb garden will no longer be right outside my kitchen door but a new and larger one is being created just across the driveway.

Meanwhile, we are taking pains to make sure that any guests who stay at the Carolina during the construction are minimally inconvenienced.  During the demolition and digging, the inn was closed.  Starting in February, we will be open weekends only.  Work will cease at 4PM Friday and continue after 9:30AM on Monday.  We hope to have the landscaping completed and be inside finishing by mid-March and will reopen fulltime March 16.

In the next week or so I will be posting an album on our FaceBook page showing you some more pictures of the work being down.  We are excited about the changes we are making and look forward to our guests’ enjoying them too.


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