Beer City, USA: Asheville Brews Cruise!

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Recently our 22 year old daughter, Abby, brought her boyfriend to Asheville for a visit.  While she wanted us to spend some time together at our Asheville bed and breakfast, she also sincerely wanted Joe to see what a great city Asheville is.  While they were here they did a number of things, including an afternoon spent on the Asheville Brews Cruise.  The following is a guest blog which she wrote for us.

This February, my boyfriend, Joe Adams, and I  visited the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, and decided to go on the Asheville Brews Cruise.   Joe, being a beer connoisseur in the making, and myself, knowing practically nothing about beer besides it tastes good, were excited for the adventure.
We arrived at the Craggie Brewing Company at 4pm where we met the rest of the group and shortly departed to our first brewery: The Pisgah Brewing Company. On our bus ride over our tour guide talked about the many breweries that Asheville has to offer. There are eleven craft breweries offering more than 75 local beers. Each of the breweries has its own character. The Brews Cruise would take us to three of them.

We soon arrived at Pisgah Brewing Company where we were quickly handed a beer. Pisgah Brewing Company is Asheville’s only, and the Southeast’s first, certified organic brewery. It is also one of the only breweries that uses whole-leaf hops. Once everyone had a beer in their hand, we were directed to the back room where the magic happens.
To demonstrate how delicious the products are that go into their beers they had us taste the grain. It has a sweet honey oat taste to it. Although Joe did not enjoy the taste of the grain, I actually loved it. My favorite beer of the tour was a Bacon Stout. Pisgah uses real bacon to make this beer. I kid you not, it tasted like bacon and is a beer that I will never forget!

After the tour of Pisgah, we grabbed a beer to bring on the bus and some chips from The Asheville Gourmet Chip Company. These gourmet chips are homemade and are a great pairing with the beer. The bus ride to our next brewery was filled with laughter due to the beer getting to everyone’s head.

We then arrived at the French Broad Brewery. The French Broad Company’s motto is “World Beer-Asheville flavor”. The minute we entered the Brewery we were engulfed by loud music, lively people, and, of course, beer. I felt as though the French Broad Brewery was a great representation of the Asheville community. We tried really hard to listen to the tour guide but the music was so loud and the crowd so fun that we couldn’t help but get distracted. After all, after handing us beer after beer, everyone was a tad drunk, very talkative and having a good time.
Sadly, they then pushed us back onto the bus to head to our last and final brewery, Craggie Brewing Company. On the bus ride over the atmosphere was anything but somber. People were singing and chatting up a storm as we drove past the beautiful nightlife of the Biltmore Village. The Craggie Brewing Company was our last brewery of the night. People sat on lawn chairs, drank beer, and listened to our tour guide. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone seemed very satisfied.

At last Joe and I were finally ready to leave. Our stomachs’ were full of beer and it was now time to meet my parents, James and Susan Murray, at one more brewery. The Lexington Avenue Brewery for a scrumptious dinner.


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