New Artwork at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Asheville

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An original Gwynn at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

Metalwork Tree at Carolina B&B

This blog post is about a new piece of art at our Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, I promise! But in order to do that I need to start with a little digression.

James and I have three wonderful daughters and the youngest of them, Abby, is living at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast while starting an online subscription box company for brides: StudioWedBox.  For those of you who don’t know what a subscription box is, it is a box filled with a themed product which is shipped to you on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.  What makes Abby’s box different is the fact that it is geared to help brides through the planning and execution to a wonderful wedding.  Each box is specifically tailored to where the bride is in the planning process, with lots of tips, samples and give-away products to spark ideas and answer questions.  Not only does Abby have experience in wedding planning herself but she is also working with one of the most respected wedding planning companies in Asheville, Verge Events.  Nicole and Ian, Abby’s partners, also founded StudioWed, a unique concept in wedding planning which has franchises in Atlanta, Denver and Nashville as well as Asheville.  So between the three of them, they have a lot of experience in wedding planning and know the products which help to create a unique and memorable event.  You can buy 12 month, six month or single month subscriptions and I know from behind the scenes what great things are going into the boxes!

Subscription box for brides

A peak into a StudioWedBox

All of this goes to why Abby is living with us and how we met her friend, Meredith Gwynn. Meredith is an artist who works in metal.  She graduated from Clemson and then turned to metalwork with her father who has been creating art in the Southeast for more than 40 years. Together they form Gwynn Metal Artwork. Meredith was lucky enough to be asked to take a booth at this year’s (final) Belle Chere and Abby invited her to stay with us over the festival weekend.

Now, here is a truth about James and me: we are suckers for good original art.  It’s a

mystery sometimes which comes first–the need for a piece of art to complete a wall or room, or the need to find a wall or room for a certain piece of art.  In this particular case,

Asheville NC Spring Garden

A lot of blank wall!

Artwork at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

No more blank wall!

the need was there.  In the process of re-landscaping our back garden area  two large windowless walls, the back of the garage and the back of the cottage, gained  prominence when viewed from the car-park.  It was a lot of yellow stucco and we had been looking for something to break it up.  Meredith’s large metalwork pieces seemed perfect, except her’s weren’t quite big enough so we commissioned her to make a larger tree for us.

Meredith very kindly took pictures of the process which you can view on our FaceBook page (and take a moment to “like” our page as well–we are just a few likes away from

500!).  It’s also on our Google+ page in case you are more of a Google viewer! This past week she brought the finished tree to us.  It was an adventure getting it out of the car,  I have no idea how she got it in there!  But we succeeded in freeing it without damaging the leaves and James braved the rain the next day in order to get it up.

Metal art out of a tight spot

It was tricky getting the tree out of the car

How good is it?  Well we love it.  And it wasn’t even in place for 24 hours before a guest requested Meredith’s contact information as he was looking for something similar too!

Meredith Gwynn at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

Meredith and James with the finished tree

(And I’m thinking Morning Glories climbing up the Cottage wall)



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