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Guests come to our Asheville Bed and Breakfast for many reasons: to hike and drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains, to visit the spectacular Biltmore Estate, and to enjoy the vibrant city that is Asheville with its many independent shops, arts galleries and most of all, wonderful restaurants.  And occasionally we have guests who want to maintain their exercise schedules while they enjoy all we have to offer.  Unfortunately, as a small B&B we haven’t got the space for an in-house gym but, once again, Asheville comes to the rescue!

Hiking will give you exercise and amazing views!

Hiking will give you exercise and amazing views!

As a runner I have been able to explore most of the back roads in our area and can provide like-minded people with 5 to 10K routes which will keep them off the main roads and, if they don’t mind hills, can offer some stunning views of the city below and the mountains in the distance.  One of my favorite short routes will take you through Riverside Cemetery.  With its wide paths and stunning vistas, the Cemetery is a favorite for walkers and joggers alike.  Another longer route will take you way up behind the University of North Carolina-Asheville and the Grove Park Inn where you will see the city of Asheville spread out below you.

Riverside Cemetery is a popular place for joggers

Riverside Cemetery is a popular place for joggers

If you are looking for something flatter we can do that too.  Although to be fair, we do live in the mountains, and the Carolina Bed & Breakfast is located on a ridge-top, so there is always going to be some up-and-down  but I do know a few ways to minimize that for those who don’t feel up to a lung-busting climb!  The extension of the Reed Creek Greenway has created a pleasant park-like trail which takes runners off of the busy boulevard leading to the Botanical Gardens and has the additional benefit of being just a block away.  Guests who have purchased a two-day pass to the Biltmore may want to park at Antler Hill Village and run along the “Sunflower Mile”.  This is a breathtaking stretch of flowers which leads to a trail along the French Broad River.  You can also rent bikes or hike this path.

Jog along a field of sunflowers !

Jog along a field of sunflowers !

If you are not a runner, we have two Yoga studios less than a fifteen minute walk away.  This winter, both James and I have been taking advantage of their proximity to begin yoga classes.  Our daughter, Abby, is more advanced in the practice so we can give you advice on classes and teachers if you are of a mind to try it out (It doesn’t get much more “Asheville” than Yoga!)

If you are looking for something less spontaneous, Asheville has any number of 5 and 10k races, and two opportunities for the half and full marathon.  The Biltmore Estate event usually takes place in early Spring (this year it will be Match 26, 2014) and has applied for status as a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.  Less exulted, although just the same distance, is the Asheville Citizen Times City Marathon to take place in September.  James and I have decided we can’t let our daughters get too far ahead of us so we hope to run in the City Half.  We hope our guests will cheer us on!

Cycle to Farm:  Ride, Eat, Repeat!

Cycle to Farm: Ride, Eat, Repeat!

For bike lovers and food lovers there is the Cycle to Farm Event which has as its motto the words “Cycle, Eat, Repeat”.  How can that be bad?  Riders follow a set route with stops at local farms included where they are given farm snacks and the opportunity to purchase goods and produce from the farmers (volunteers carry these on to the end for you).  At the finish there is a fabulous Cycle to Farm Dinner for all.  It’s a challenging route (mountains–remember?) but it’s not a race so you have time to look around and meet your fellow riders.  There are two events near Asheville this year:  Black Mountain in July and Sandy Mush in October. (Side note: Full Sun Farm who provided the ingredients for last year’s Oh! My CSA Recipe Contest is one of the farms on the Sandy Mush Trail)

Don't forget to bring something back with you!

Don’t forget to bring something back with you!

This is just a sampling of some of the more interesting ways to get your exercise while visiting Asheville.  If you let me know what you are looking for when you book with us at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast I will be happy to see what I can find!


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