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Meet Chris.  Chris just made his video go viral.

Chris Wong


Chris has been a friend of the family since our daughters brought him home to meet us when they were in high school.  As a matter of fact, he is such a good friend of ours that we have our own special name for him:  Bill Chen.  This comes from James’ peculiar habit of remembering the essence of a name rather than the name itself:  The Flaky Donut becomes The Crumby Muffin and Chris Wong became Bill Chen.

Anyway,  the excitement this week was not focused on Asheville and the Carolina Bed & Breakfast but rather on Chris and a video he made which went viral.  Chris is a great guy but he is a little bit of a nerd (hence the friendship) so when he lost his cell phone while skiing he decided to take a metal detector to the slopes. And, being Chris, he also filmed it and then turned the video into a short story.  Once he put it on Facebook it didn’t take long for his 1,145 other friends to start sharing it.  From there it moved on to Reddit, Buzzfeed picked it up, it made it to England and finally it was the play of the day on Good Morning America!  Because basically it is a good video and the best part is Chris’ wonderful laugh when he finds it (although others vote for the fact that phone still works!) So I told myself,  “If Chris can make a viral video I can figure out how to embed it in my blog.”  Here it is:

And now that I’ve got that out of the way, there is another video I need to share with you. This one has everything to do with our Asheville B&B on Cumberland Avenue.  If you have ever stayed here you know there is a small cottage on the back of the property.

The Cottage

The Cottage

But did you know that cottage is where David Webb started out making jewelry?  And who, you may ask, is David Webb?  If  you are a fan of the CBS show Sunday Morning then you may have seen the piece they did about him this past Sunday so you know that he was born in Asheville. But did you know that he grew up in the house that is now the Carolina Bed & Breakfast?  His parents, George and Maria Webb, ran a boarding house here and they let their son David use the cottage as a workshop.  Once he moved to New York City he gained a reputation as “Jeweler to the Stars” and nothing says “Stars” like the Oscars.  Which is why CBS Sunday Morning put together this piece about his work:

Now I just have to figure out how to make the video fit properly in my blog. Who said this was easy?



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