What’s New Asheville?

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The Beers at Old World Brewery

The Beers at Old World Brewery

Serendipity is one of my favorite words.  Not only is it fun to say, I also love what it means: “A fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise”. It’s what you get when you turn down the wrong road and find a shortcut to your destination or when you duck down a stairwell to get out of the rain and find something new in Asheville!

To backtrack:  James and I love owning and operating the Carolina Bed & Breakfast but it is hard work.  Our days are 13-14 hour days and if we didn’t schedule time off, it would be seven days a week for ten months of the year.  So we try to take at least a half day for ourselves once a week and a longer break every two months.  James likes to call these our “date nights”.

Fine Arts TheaterLast night we walked into town to the Fine Arts Theater to see the movie “Chef” (It’s a nice piece of fluff: light-hearted and amusing, kind like the movie version of a good beach book).  The Fine Arts Cinema is a great place to go. According to an article in the Mountain Express, it has a somewhat dubious provenance, having been an adult movie theater from 1922-1985.  Friends of ours who grew up in Asheville remember that they were not allowed to go to that side of town when they were children.  The Fine Arts commemorates its past with some grainy black and white photos which are projected on the screen before the movie begins.  An observant person will note the names of the movies on the marquee:  “Teen-Age Sex Kittens” and “Three in a Bed”.  I have always wondered about the poor soul who was captured entering the theater in the picture.  Do you think he knew his depravity was captured for posterity?

The theater was reopened in 1996 as “Asheville’s Home for Art & Independent films”.  It’s a lovely Art Deco Building with two relatively large and comfortable theaters: one upstairs and one on the ground floor.  In keeping with its age and style there is a velvet curtain which sweeps down over the screen when the trailers end, to be lifted again when the feature begins.

When we came out of the theater at 6:30, the heat of the day had transformed the sky into a massive and deeply threatening thunderhead.  The cold wind blowing told us that a front was moving in and we decided to duck into a nearby alley with an interesting looking door with an intriguing sign pointing to it stating that it was “Open Wednesdays thru Sundays 4PM to Midnight”  Entering through a metal door we descended down a utilitarian staircase into a party.  At least that’s what it felt like.  I told James it was as if we were in a Heineken commercial!  this was One World Brewing, a self-proclaimed Nano-Brewery and Ale house. We ran into the manager on our way out and he told us that the space used to be a speakeasy.  They were hoping to create a tasting room with a party-like atmosphere and they have certainly succeeded.


Downstairs in the “Speakeasy”

He also told us that the brewmaster was a bit of a “hophead” favoring IPA and other “hoppy” beers.  But they do make sure to have one or two lighter beers for people like me and James who aren’t true beer aficionados at all!  Here is a video made by Behind the Tap which will introduce you to some of the beers you may get there.  (I say may because they change them often). If I was more technologically savvy I would be able to figure out how to put the video into my blog but you will have to settle for the link!

One World Brewing By Behind the Tap

This has turned into a longer blog than I thought it would be so I am going to save the rest for tomorrow.  This is probably enough for today!


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