Meet Otis: Backstage Cat at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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Meet Otis, the newest member of the staff and family at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast.

Both James and I grew up in cat and dog families and we had always had pets of own until we bought the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, NC.  We felt at the time (and continue to feel) that an inn which claims to be “pet-free” should not make that claim if the owners’ pets have full run of the property.  Guests may have pet allergies or phobias and should feel confident that a “pet-free” Bed & Breakfast will accommodate these needs.  How then to explain Otis?

Last year our eldest daughter moved to Asheville and for a time she and her cat, Milo, lived with us at the inn.  Milo quickly learned that he was never allowed into the inn itself and was  happy in our living quarters and garden.  Few of our guests ever saw him and his presence had no more impact on them than that of the cat next door.  I loved having a kitty to talk to while I was working and got used to his presence by the fireplace. And I missed him when he left.

So we went to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and came home with Otis who stole our hearts away.  He was six months old when we got him having only been at the shelter for four days.   He has a non-stop purring motor and is softer than soft.  He is endlessly curious and loves to be where the action is.

He likes to sit and watch us work at the computer although he has not yet figured out the best place from which to do this.

Otis will sit almost anywhere nearby

Otis will sit almost anywhere nearby

And he loves to climb up on James’ shoulders.  He has even been known to try and sleep there.

Otis watches me work

Otis watches me work

Otis is one of the most socialized cats I have ever known.  He has no fear of people and likes nothing more than to be where the action is.  This is in one way perfect for a Bed & Breakfast cat but in other ways less so.  He has learned not to go into the inn from the kitchen (although this does not stop him from wishing he could) and he keeps well away from the kitchen counter tops and island (his hatred of being squirted with water is much stronger than his desire to get up there).  But he is, above all else, a people loving cat and we haven’t yet figured out how to keep him from running to greet our guests or wanting to join the group on the front porch.

It has become clear to us that he is a secret that will not be kept and we needed to come clean to our guests and our future guests.

So, yes, there is a cat on the property and, while we make every effort to keep him away from all of the guest areas so that our inn can continue to be considered “pet-free”, there is a chance that you may find a little ginger and white cat running up to you on the walk or brushing by you on the porch.  We hope you won’t mind.  And please don’t let him into  the inn!

Hitching a ride downstairs in the morning

Hitching a ride downstairs in the morning

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