New Year’s Resolutions 2017: Cookbooks, Blogs and Recipes

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Happy New year 2017

Happy New Year 2017! Cookbooks, Blogs and Recipes

It’s New Year’s resolution time again!

In the past I tended to pooh-pooh the idea of making a resolutions but a conversation with one of my daughters has changed my mind.  Abby doesn’t look at her New Year resolutions as large, life changing items.  Instead she looks for small changes.  For example, instead of deciding to dress better, she makes a resolution to wear lipstick every day.  Making that little change may lead to her dressing better and if it doesn’t there is no loss, she still looks better!  So last year I picked four discrete tasks and in reviewing last year’s post I find that I accomplished all of them.  My mind is changed and my skepticism dispelled.

So here are my resolutions for the Carolina Bed & Breakfast for 2017: Cookbook, Blogs and Recipes

  1. Sell my cookbook!  The number one item on my list last year was to finish writing my book, which I did.  In the process it morphed into something more than the simple self-published book of canape and cupcake recipes which I envisioned and became a full fledged professional cookbook complete with editor, book designer and professional food photographer.  And, more because I had such a great team than because of anything I did, Our Family Table: Recipes and Lessons from a Life Abroad is a beautiful book.  The recipes are from the inn but it’s not just breakfast.  There are tried and true recipes for main meals which are easy and quick to prepare.  Because we own an inn and because we are busy people, most of the cooking I do needs to be quick to prepare or something that can be done in advance and then put in the oven when needed.  You can find it on Amazon or on the Carolina Bed & Breakfast website.
    Cookbook Back Cover

    Thanks to my amazing team, Our Family Table is full of beautiful pictures!


  2. Blog more consistently.  I started writing my blog, The Kitchen Garden, in September of 2009.  It is intended to be a bit about Asheville, a bit about being an innkeeper and a bit about my life.  Over the past eight years I have tried to blog at least once a week; partly this was to help our guests learn about Asheville and our inn and partly this was to help make our website show up first  (or nearly) when someone is searching for an Asheville Bed and Breakfast on Google.  Early on this was easy.  Asheville was new to us and every day found a new place to explore, a new restaurant to try, a new experience or lesson to share. However, this past year I have found it harder to keep up.  So I am making myself a schedule and creating a list of possible topics (suggestions welcome).  I am  going to branch out a bit more.  It will still be about Asheville but it may be less about things to do and more about life and my thoughts.  I am also going to post a  new recipe once a month on the 15th.  Which leads me to my next resolution.
    Homepage of the Kitchen Garden Blog

    Follow my blog to find out more about Asheville and to get a new recipe every month!


  3. Develop more new recipes.  This links back to resolution #2. Not only will I need new recipes to post once a month but also, I was a bit burnt out last year and settled into a comfortable pattern.  I know that my guests probably didn’t notice but that’s no excuse.  I want the food here at the Carolina B&B to be vibrant and  fresh and, while not strictly cutting edge, reflective of new trends and interesting combinations.  To be fair to myself, I did work out two new breakfast dishes last year:  Carolina Eggs Benedict and Wimbledon Popovers. You can look for those recipes coming soon on my website!  Of course the positive side of this is that it means we will have to eat out regularly since many of my ideas come from seeing what others are doing.

So with that it mind, I am going to wrap this blog up and move on to planning a schedule of blogs, cooking Carolina Eggs Benedict and taking pictures as I do, and hopefully while I am doing that someone will go online and buy my cookbook.

Happy New Year!


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