Carolina Bed and Breakfast: The Adventure Begins!

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Owning a bed and breakfast has never been a particular dream of mine but the day my husband, James, suggested it something inside me clicked and “yes, that’s it!” We were walking together as we so often seem to be when we have life changing discussions, and, not to be trite about it, the way suddenly seemed clear. James and I have lived overseas for most of our adult life and while we enjoyed living and traveling in Europe and Asia the demands and needs of family and children had brought us back the United States. Our years have been thrilling but busy and James traveled extensively for business often missing important dates and events in our lives (through no fault of his own). We were ready for a change!
And here we are, six months later, the proud owners of the Carolina Bed and Breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina. My father’s family is from North Carolina and even though I grew up in Connecticut I have always felt a love for this state with its wide range of climate and topography. My children spent their summers playing on the beaches of the barrier islands and we built a summer home just south of Wilmington. Asheville offers much to do both culturally and recreationally. It has a large artist population and the restaurants are wonderful. The Biltmore draws tourists to the region but they also come to enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beautiful countryside. (As I write this, the leaves are beginning to turn, the sun shines in a clear blue sky and the air is crisp.It is the quintessential Autumn day).
James and I are looking forward to exploring Asheville and keeping you posted on what we find as well as, hopefully, keeping you amused with the perils and pitfalls, rewards and laughter of remodeling a 110 year old house and hosting an array of interesting guests. But more about that later.