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Things to do in Asheville at Night

Things to Do in Asheville at Night

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Much as we love our restaurants, music and nightlife here in Asheville, NC, those are not the only activities available after dark for people looking for something fun!  At the Carolina Bed & Breakfast we often send guests out to some of our favorite “other” things to do in Asheville at night. Imagine parking your… Read more »

Happy New year 2017

New Year’s Resolutions 2017: Cookbooks, Blogs and Recipes

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It’s New Year’s resolution time again! In the past I tended to pooh-pooh the idea of making a resolutions but a conversation with one of my daughters has changed my mind.  Abby doesn’t look at her New Year resolutions as large, life changing items.  Instead she looks for small changes.  For example, instead of deciding… Read more »

Christmas in Asheville

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It was December 10th, that pivotal day when it starts to be acceptable to indulge in all things Christmas.  So I put on my reindeer earrings and green leggings and set out from the Carolina Bed & Breakfast  to sell my cookbook while enjoying Christmas in Asheville. My first stop takes me out to Addison… Read more »

Mica and the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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Admit it, you are intrigued!  What does mica have to do with an Asheville Bed and Breakfast?  Well, it all goes back to the original owner of the house at 177 Cumberland Avenue. Recently we were visited by the great-grandson of Vance Brown who owned the house from 1901 to the Mid-1940’s . Brown was… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day Asheville! Going Beyond Chocolates and Roses

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I have to be honest, as I write this our Asheville inn, the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, is already fully booked for Valentine’s Day Weekend (although not for Valentine’s Day itself–more about that later!).  But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to share with you, our guests and future guests, some great ideas for  how… Read more »

A Compendium of Christmas Decorating Tips From Asheville, NC

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Compendium, isn’t that a great word?  It means a numbered, or detailed, list about a particular subject (according to Google). So, in the spirit of Christmas and Asheville and the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, here is a brief compendium of decorating tips from some of the businesses around town.  Creating a Wreath, courtesy of the… Read more »

Inside Asheville: Interview with a Florist at the Biltmore

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Over the past six years I have interviewed a number of craftsmen and artists about their lives and businesses here in Asheville.  These have been some of my favorite blogs to write for our Asheville Bed and Breakfast website.  So I was delighted when I found myself seated at a dinner next to woman who… Read more »