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Scrounger’s Paradise in Asheville, NC

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Serendipity is one of my favorite words.  It means a “happy accident”  and encapsulates the random discovery of something useful or good when not really looking for it.      Last week, James and I went shopping for a mirror for the master bathroom in the addition we are putting on our Asheville bed and… Read more »

Spring Cleaning!

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>No, I am not talking about spring cleaning at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast, I am talking aboutspring cleaning for my blog; or at least for my file of back stories.  What follows is a compilation of things which I thought were interesting but none of which were big enough for a column of their… Read more »

Spring (!?) Cleaning at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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>Winter is traditionally the time of year when Innkeepers in Asheville close their inns for cleaning and refurnishing of rooms. And not surprisingly, we are among them. Of course in our eyes, (or at least mine), the need was greater than just a once yearly spring cleaning. When we bought the Carolina Bed & Breakfast… Read more »

Snow Days in Asheville

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>It’s snowing in Asheville, North Carolina. It snowed yesterday and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Guests have left early or put off their travel plans until later in the month. (Check our website for our snow cancellation policy). So what’s an innkeeper to do? Here’s what’s happening at the Carolina Bed and Breakfast: 1) We… Read more »

A New Sign at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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>The house at 177 Cumberland Avenue, Asheville NC was built in 1901. It has a long history and has passed from being the home of a leading local businessman through a stint as a boarding house and then back to a private home before becoming a bed and breakfast in 1983. As you probably know… Read more »

>The New Kitchen, At Last!

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>I kept putting off posting these pictures, waiting for “one more thing” to be finished but then I realized it could be next year sometime before everything was perfect so here it is, The Carolina Bed & Breakfast “Almost Finished”. This is the new refrigerator. We have to have a commercial fridge and they are…