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Scrounger’s Paradise in Asheville, NC

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Serendipity is one of my favorite words.  It means a “happy accident”  and encapsulates the random discovery of something useful or good when not really looking for it.      Last week, James and I went shopping for a mirror for the master bathroom in the addition we are putting on our Asheville bed and… Read more »

Foodies Love Asheville, North Carolina!

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Here at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast we spend a lot of time thinking about food, reading about food, talking about food and eating food!  In past postings I have shared some recipes with you and made some restaurant reviews.  But the food scene here in Asheville encompasses more. This March through April WNC Magazine… Read more »

Antiques and Furniture in Asheville, NC

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>Yesterday James and I decided to spend the afternoon looking for some wicker furniture for our back porch and a new daybed for the cottage. Thinking logically, we chose to drive an hour east to the town of Hickory, NC. Once known for the wood furniture built there, Hickory still lays claim to some large… Read more »

>Tailgate Markets in Asheville, NC

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>One of the many pleasures of living in Asheville is the abundance of fresh, locally grown and produced food. While there is a large, year-round farmers’ wholesale market just outside of town where one can buy produce in quantity, during the summer smaller farms and artisans come together at tailgate markets throughout the week at…

>Return to Asheville

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>My daughter, Sarah, first visited Asheville about seven years ago with her boyfriend. They had a marvelous time here and were one of the reasons we came back for another look and settled on this town and the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. While they were here he bought her a necklace made of goldstone and…

>Blue Mountain Stained Glass at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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>The renovations are moving along quickly at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast and we have reached that wonderful part where, instead of taking things out, we are starting to put things in. This morning I made a visit to the workshop of Blue Mountain Stained Glass, where Pam McCorkhill, the owner/artist, is working on a…