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Spring and Summer Specials at Our Asheville Bed & Breakfast, 2017

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One of the best things about staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Asheville (and the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in particular!) are the special activities and insider information available to you as a guest.  Because we are a small local business we are able to partner with some of the other businesses in and… Read more »

What’s New Asheville?

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Serendipity is one of my favorite words.  Not only is it fun to say, I also love what it means: “A fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise”. It’s what you get when you turn down the wrong road and find a shortcut to your destination or when you duck down a stairwell to get out of… Read more »

Comedy in Asheville, NC

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This past Thanksgiving James and I were lucky enough  to have our family with us here and we took advantage of their presence to try some of the more unique attractions in our town.  One of these was the La Zoom Comedy Tour.  This purple bus roams our streets Spring through Christmas and guests at… Read more »

Shakespeare in the Park in Asheville, NC

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> Tod”s Tasties An Elaborate Picnic One of the things that drew James and me to Asheville originally was the strong arts, theater and music culture of the town.  And now that we have shepherded the Carolina Bed & Breakfast through its first full year we are finally finding time to avail ourselves of some… Read more »